MTB Verleih & geführte Mountainbike-Touren auf Mallorca

El Camí es la meta... [Der Weg ist das Ziel]

Which Level of the Guided Rides Should I Book?

Most riders ask themselves: If I book a tour, which is too hard for me, I'll bore the others... But then again, if I book a tour, that is too easy for me, I might get bored...

So, even if it sounds easy, make sure to book the right level :-) Our advice is: better book an easier tour, as Mallorca's terrain is rocky, slippery, loose and sandy and fun and safety should be your priorities on your holiday, right...?

Technical Level



You like riding easy (blue) trails, do not have much experience on technically demanding trails and enjoy the scenery, rather than the challenge.


You like riding blue to red trails in the UK, or green to blue in the USA, enjoy technically demanding single tracks, but don't like the super-steep and slippery stuff.


You LOVE riding red trails in the UK or black trails in the USA, enjoy the super-slippery stuff and have GREAT control over your brakes without skidding wheels. You have a lot of experience on tight switchbacks and rocky, blocked terrain.

Experts Only

You're an expert on all levels. You have PERFECT control over your brakes, never block them (unless you're endo-ing) and you LOVE the super-super-steep stuff with fat steps and loose rocks. You've taken part in several skills courses and probably ride safely and neatly with flats. You don't need speed to ride clean.

Endurance Level



You ride max. 40 km and 400 meters of total elevation gain (hm), ascents are on tarmac or tightly packed gravel with a maximum steepness of 11%. You need about 3-4 hours for this distance.


You manage to ride 50 km and 750 meters of elevation gain on gravel uphills and steeper hills with an incline of up to 15% in about 4 hours.


You enjoy riding longer (mountain bike!) tours with up to 60 km and 850 meters of ascent on loose gravel and steeper hills (up to 18%) in about 4 hours.

Very Hard

You enjoy and love those long rides, with really steep and loose uphills, rocky and gnarly ascents with more than 19% incline. The longer the better. You take about 3-4 hours for 50 km of pure off-road gnarliness.

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